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樂昌子公司 耒陽子公司 朝陽子公司 鹽鴻基地
         Guangdong Orient Zirconic Ind Sci & Tech Co., Ltd.(stock code: 002167), founded in 1995 and went public in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in September 2007, is a national key new high-tech enterprise which is specialized in R&D , production and sales of zirconic series products. Its main products range from zirconium dioxide, zirconium oxychloride, stabilized zirconia, zirconia ceramic structure, zirconium silicate, fused zirconia and zirconium sponge these eight series totally over 100 type specifications and it is an technical leading enterprise with great scale and core competitiveness and comprehensive competitiveness as well as one of manufacturers with most complete variety of zirconic products. Our products are used in different applications and field: Nuclear energy, special ceramics, biological ceramics, optical communication devices, solid-fuel battery, weapons and aerospace fields, electronic ceramics, imitation jewel, ceramic glaze color, high fireproofing, many new materials and new industries.
At present, the company has Shantou headquarter, headquarter Yanhong branch factory, Lechang subsidiary, Leiyang subsidiary and Chaoyang subsidiary, Australia subsidiary these five production bases and has formed strategic layout with zirconium oxychloride and zirconium dioxide production base of Lechang branch , fused zirconic production base of Leiyang company , zirconia structural ceramics production base of Shantou headquarter , zirconium silicate and zirconium compound production base of Yanhong branch factory, nuclear zirconic materials these high-end products production base of Chaoyang company , and zircon sand production base of Australia. The company has accomplished the great progress on the production chain and technology chain and occupies a leading position in the zirconium industry.
The company is granted as national level key new high-tech enterprise and provincial new high-tech enterprise and it is awarded as Guangdong Innovation type enterprise; the registered brand of company “Yutian” is granted as provincial famous brand and it has been major local taxpayer for years.

It has completed the span of product chain and technology chain and established complete and perfect zirconic industry chain and stepped to nuclear power industry and is striving to do contributions to nationalization of nuclear power equipment and nuclear power materials.

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